Artist Statement

I EMBRACE PAINTING as a way to bring beauty to the world. I have been painting for almost 50 years and intuitively know self expression is the true purpose in my life. I have the soul of an artist, and have forged an independent path, fiercely holding on to personal freedom in order to afford time to self-reflect and create. When painting I feel nothing but deep love and passion. My paintings are contemporary still life. The paintings are real, not ideal, i.e. there is always an element of interpretation, expressionism, and creativity. I am very inspired by design and strong aesthetics, color and pattern, which I incorporate into my work. My approach to life is all about finding beauty, happiness, balance, harmony and generosity, and my paintings are a true extension of my style and taste.  I will conclude by saying life as an artist isn’t easy. If you are truly committed to creating art, there is an element of self-sacrifice, and very hard work. It is a life path that isn’t for everyone but one that can be truly rewarding and more importantly authentic. I am grateful for the gift to create and will nurture it until the very end.